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Name: Molly Nevins
Age: 15
Family: Parents, two older brothers, autistic younger sister. Two cousins (Ike and Margot), who also frequent the comms, and her spry grandfather.
Religion: Jewish

Height: 5'3
Bust size: B, on the larger side
Appearance: A bit taller than average with long red hair she keeps in a ponytail, deep purple eyes and a serious-sad kind of expression. She mostly wears pants and pullovers, and the occasional skirt. She carries a book or a notepad everywhere.

Favorite foods: Oranges, chocolate
Least favorite food: Raisins
Cooking skills: B. She's learned a lot from Julia over the years.
Best recipe: Curry

State of bedroom: Fairly neat, though she tends to let clutter build up every now and then.
Nightwear: A flowered nightshirt and a pair of cotton shorts
Underwear: Simple bras and panties in dark colors.
Status: Taken, dating Ralph Majors
Virgin? Yes

Molly used to be the epitome of shrinking violet, so shy it was almost pathetic. These days she has a little more confidence in herself and is a bit more outgoing, but she's still kind of quiet, slow to smile and apologizes a lot for things that aren't her fault. She used to be much more defensive about her fandoms and ships, but this has lessened over time; these days she only reacts that way towards people who actively give her a hard time about her preferences.

She's very protective of and loyal to the people she cares about, even if she tends to worry they might get tired of her and leave her. Not because she doesn't trust them, she just doesn't trust herself not to drive them away.


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Molly Nevins

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