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Name:Molly Nevins
My name is Molly, and I like sad, angsty things. My favorite pairings are always the most unpopular or doomed by canon...I always seem to pick things that canon or the rest of the fandom hates. *sigh* I'm also pretty quiet and shy and easily depressed...which of course means I'm an easy target. Sorry if that offends you.

Interests (113):

admiring alyssia, admiring hannah, admiring joe, admiring julia, aida, alternate incarnations, angela is disgusting, angst, anime, art, atla, avoiding bridget, being awkward, being glomped by maxie, being shy, boy meets world, canon is cruel, conflicted characters, cooking, cool loser, crying, darkness, depression, depth, doomed ships, drama, drawing, elise, esmeralda's an idiot, everwood, eyerolling at josie, failed relationships, fanfiction, fire emblem, fruits basket, fushigi yuugi, hating sailor bimbo, having self-esteem issues, helping people, het, ill-fated love, julia, kissing scenes, lacking confidence, laughing at gordon's rabbit-phobia, love story, lucy gives me migranes, manga, maxie, meaningful angst, meaningful tragedy, mittens don't sleep there, moulin rogue, movies, music, my cousins ike and margot, naive everygirl, netspeak hurts my brain, not being a burden, not being groped, not being perved on, not being ripped off, not bullies, not cori falls, not dickgirls, not grimdark for grimdark's sake, not howie the harbl, not mary sues, not missy's stench, not perverts, not sjws, not trisha, obscure things, painting, paranoia, patrick is disgusting, poetry, pokemon, protecting syrius from patrick, reading, relating to jeb, reminding zach of essie/twm canon, rod is gross, sailor moon, self-esteem issues, shipwar, snickering at gordon's rabbit-phobia, sorcerer hunters, spring awakening, star-crossed lovers, stephanie, stuart intimidates me, subtext, sue, sympathizing with syrius, syrius, taking fandom seriously, taking things to heart, tear jerkers, tori is awesome, tragedy, tragic characters, trying to be stronger, unpopular characters, unpopular ships, unrequited love, video games, vintage anime, worrying, writing, x/1999, yaoi, yuri
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